RoboRUMBLE 2018

RoboRUMBLE, the annual FTC off-season event for Philadelphia area teams, was huge success! This event was sponsored by the Philadelphia Robotics Coalition and the Central High School RoboLancers. During this event, 13 Philadelphia teams participated in FIRST Relic Recovery at Central High School, located in Philadelphia, PA. While photographing this event, I was able to witness first hand the excitement and competitiveness of these wonderful teams. It was interesting seeing all of the different ideas develop into 13 individual robots. During this event, the Student Advisory Committee of the Philadelphia Robotics Coalition was introduced. This committee serves to include a diversity of ideas and opinions from students all across Philadelphia. Students will be able to connect with business leaders, mentors, government, and be a part of the decision making process of the non-profit organization.

Additionally, we were able to give numerous awards to deserving teams, dedicated coaches and special volunteers. Thank you to all the teams and volunteers that participated!