RoboJawn FTC

RoboJawn @ Philly Tech Week

FIRST Tech Challenge Off-Season Competition
Saturday May 7, 2022, Central High School Gymnasium

Volunteer Arrival: 7:15am
Team Arrival: 7:45am
PTW Session: 10:45am–12:45am
Opening Ceremonies: 11:30am
Event Complete: 5:00pm

Capacity: 24 teams
Registration Fee: $100
Team Registration Form
Volunteer Registration Form

FIRST Tech Challenge RoboJawn is similar to an official tournament in many ways. Teams bring their robots and their Gracious Professionalism to compete in this years’ FREIGHT FRENZY challenge following FIRST‘s challenge rules. As at an official tournament, teams are interviewed by a panel of judges, and submit an engineering portfolio, to vie for judged awards.

RoboJawn aims to lift the veil on judging. Teams will go into judging rooms in pairs, giving them the opportunity to observe another team’s judge interview. After both teams have presented, the students and judges have a few minutes to ask each other questions and to offer each other feedback. It’s a great learning experience for all, and provides teams with inside knowledge that benefits them as they prepare to present at an official qualifier next season.

This event is open to spectators as part of Philly’s Philly Tech Week. Members of the public are welcome to attend, meet the teams, watch the matches, and learn more about how Philly’s tech community can support school robotics programs. A special information session will be held at 10:45am for PTW guests. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition Team Event Covid Policy applies to all participants, volunteers, and spectators at this event.

Registered Teams

  • 4400 Gearhead Group
  • 5320 RoboLancers Gold
  • 5321 Tech Heroes
  • 5505 FKD 5505
  • 5514 Parkway RoboHounds
  • 6540 Railsplitter
  • 6606 Mustang Robotics
  • 6676 RoboLancers Crimson
  • 8480 Technabots
  • 8730 RoboGriffins
  • 9568 Olney Trojan Robotics
  • 9570 Gear Girls
  • 11493 The Rockets
  • 12308 Ambassadors Robotics
  • 15521 U-Botics
  • 16664 Genbots
  • 16941 RoboLancers Cobalt
  • 20513 Building 21
  • SLAM Robotics