FLL RoboJawn


Saturday, February 17, 2024, at Central High School (1700 W Olney Ave, Philadelphia PA 19141)

Detailed Schedule

8:30am Team Check-In Opens
9:00am Judging and Practice Matches Begin
11:15am FIRST LEGO League Explore Award Ceremony
11:45am Lunch
12:30pm Opening Ceremony
12:45pm Competition Rounds Begin (3 per team)
3:30pm Award Ceremony
4:00pm Teams Depart

What to Expect During the Morning

From 9:00am to 11:45am there are a bunch of things for teams to do. Make sure to arrive at your scheduled team sessions on time, then fill the rest of your morning with the optional activities.
Scheduled Sessions: Each team will have a 30-minute judging session, just like an official tournament. Each team will also have a scheduled and refereed practice match. Times will be assigned when you check in.
Optional Activities: These activities are available to you throughout the morning when you aren’t in a scheduled session.
  • Practice tables will be available for your use (first-come first-served, take turns).
  • Get robot support from our Technical Advisors (they’re the volunteers in the green hats).
  • FIRST LEGO League Explore Teams have a Festival in the 3rd floor hallway just outside the cafeteria. Bring your team to see what these younger students have accomplished.
  • Central’s FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge teams will be working in the basement, feel free to visit them with your team if you have downtime.
  • Visit the spirit booth for face paint, nail polish, and sign making.

Registered Teams

FLL Challenge

  • 49853 James Dobson School
  • 59905 Cook Wissahickon School
  • 64413 Add B Anderson School
  • 58145 McMichael Elementary
  • 57862 Ad Prima Charter Schools, Mt. Airy Campus
  • 56852 Ad Prima Charter School
  • 63912 Ad Prima Charter School
  • 63651 Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School
  • 2790 Fanny Jackson Coppin School
  • 3759 Mayfair School
  • 4467 Masterman
  • 4250 Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber
  • 7487 Henry H Houston
  • 63074 Henry H Houston
  • 63594 Henry H Houston
  • 9553 Southwark School
  • 3003 The Franklin Institute
  • 54380 Middle Years Alternative School for the Humanities

FLL Explore

  • 29970 Paul L Dunbar
  • 30098 Paul L Dunbar
  • 26747 Ad Prima Charter Schools
  • 21079 Henry H Houston
  • 25558 Henry H Houston
  • 7256 Henry H Houston
  • 30015 Henry H Houston
  • 3393 James Dobson Elementary School
  • 26774 James Dobson Elementary School
  • 27424 Stephen Girard
  • 30052 Stephen Girard
  • 27422 Stephen Girard
  • 27425 Stephen Girard
  • 27423 Stephen Girard