Mission and Objectives

The Coalition’s mission is to build an ecosystem of mentorship and support for the next generation of STEM and community leaders in the city of Philadelphia by encouraging public high school students’ engagement in robotics programs.


Program Support. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition supports robotics programs that serve Philadelphia public high school students by providing direct financial support, recruiting mentors, encouraging competition and performance, organizing workshops and training sessions, and by other means.

Ecosystem Support. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition creates and nurtures relationships between supported programs, colleges and universities, foundations, businesses, and government.

Professional Coaching. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition encourages schools and teams to utilize highly professional coaches, including appropriately compensating these professionals.

Reach. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition works to make robotics programs accessible to interested students at every Philadelphia district and public charter high school.

Sustainability. The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition encourages every robotics school program to develop diversified funding and eventually become fully self-sustaining.