Philadelphia Qualifier Advancements (Week 5)

The first team advancing to FTC States, and the winner of the Inspire Award is Team 8480, Technabots from Philadelphia High School for Girls. The Inspire Award recognizes teams that fully embodies the spirit of FTC. The judges found their robot and outreach to be exemplary. The Technabots came in third place for the Connect and Design Award. They also came in second place for the Motive Award.

Congratulations, Technabots, for advancing to the States!

Philadelphia Qualifier Advancements (Week 4)

The second team that will be advancing to States is the captain of the winning alliance, Team 16941, Wrench Toast. This team ended up being in first place during the qualification matches which allowed them to become captain of alliance number one and eventually take first place in the end. Wrench Toast also won the Collins Aerospace Innovate Award as their minimal use of materials impressed the judges. Their team also managed to get second place in the Design Award.

Philadelphia Qualifier Advancements (Week 3)

The third team advancing is the second place Inspire Award winner. This award recognizes a team who exemplifies all of the goals of FTC and show enthusiasm. They also were second place for the Connect Award which recognizes a team which really helps their community. Finally they came in first place for the Motivate Award due to their promotion of STEM in the community.

Philadelphia Qualifier Advancements (Week 2)

The fourth team advancing from the Philadelphia Qualifier is the winning alliance first pick, the Robogriffins from Academy @ Palumbo High School. They were in second place at the end of the qualifying matches. Their win to loss record during the qua;ifying matches was 8 wins to 2 losses. In addition to being first pick, they were also 2nd place for the Think Award which recognizes the teams that exemplify the engineering design process.

Philadelphia Qualifier Advancements (Week 1)

The fifth team advancing from the Philadelphia Qualifier to States is the 3rd place winner of the Inspire Award, Team 9570, the Gear Girls from Carver HSES. The Inspire Award commemorates teams that promote FIRST in different communities while sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge. The teams that won this award did well in all Judging categories‒ the engineering notebook and performance on and off the playing field. Success was shown in working together to make the robot’s design. Congratulations, Gear Girls, for winning 3rd place of the Inspire Award!

Philadelphia FTC Qualifier 2019

This year’s Philadelphia FTC Qualifier and FLL Jr. Expo were a success! Last Saturday, February 8th, the events were hosted in Central High School’s gym. We had 33 teams participating, and around ⅔ of those teams were Coalition teams, but our teams ended up winning nearly all of the awards and all of the advancing teams are Coalition teams. 

In the following weeks we’ll be posting about the individual Coalition teams that won awards and are advancing to Pennsylvania State Championships.

RoboRumble 2019

At RoboRumble 2019, a number of high school robotics teams came to Central High School to compete. Throughout the event, teams utilized their skills, their teamwork, and worked hard to get the most out of their robots. By the end of the event, all teams gained valuable practice and got to show off the capabilities of their robots.